Owning a 24:1CLT home is the perfect way to invest in myself and the community.

Helping working people and families own their own homes is the primary purpose of the 24:1 CLT.

But, great homes also are part of great communities.

The 24:1 Community - Save a Lot
Save a lot grocery store
Fresh food for our community
The 24:1 Community - Midwest Bank Centre
Midwest Bank Centre
Full service banking services nearby
The 24:1 Community - Rosie Shields
Rosie Shields Manor
A 55-Unit Senior Living Apartment Complex
The 24:1 Community - 24:1 Cinema
24:1 Cinema
Entertainment for our families, jobs for our community members including teens
The 24:1 Community - Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Center
Preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond
The 24:1 Community - Red Dough
Red Dough & Prosperity Connection
Life skills training, money management education, and alternative financial services
The 24:1 Community - Vetter Place
Vetter Place
A 53-unit senior living apartment complex
The 24:1 Community - CLT Construction Co.
24:1 Construction Company
Job training and opportunities while we build, repair and rehab community homes
The 24:1 Community - Home of CLT
Beyond Housing Headquarters
Community services and a community center for us
The 24:1 Community - BH Headqarters
Home of the 24:1 Community Land Trust
Offering Affordable, Quality Homes in the 24:1 Community

Coming Soon

A convenient and affordable primary care center for adults and children
41 new three-bedroom homes easily accessible to schools, transportation, stores, and other services